Musique – La fiancée Syrienne BO 2004

Musique – La fiancée Syrienne


Mona's wedding day is the saddest day of her life. Today, this young Druze woman will be married to a Syrian television star. She should be happy, but she knows that once she's left for Syria where her future husband awaits her, she will never come back to her village in the Golan Heights, occupied by Israel since 1967. And she won't ever see her family again... All the members come from the four corners of the globe to this small village to celebrate the event and bid farewell to the young bride. Surrounded by loved ones, most importantly her sister Amal, Mona regains her strength... Until they find themselves trapped in a bureaucratic no-man's-land, on the border of two countries. Somewhere that's not yet Syria, but not quite Israel anymore.

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Compositeur Cyril Morin