Musique Caïn – Saison 4 BO de la saison 4

Musique Caïn – Saison 4


A soundtrack that's more classical, more rock'n'roll, more blues, and a bit more rough and unpredictable...and still with the voice of GWTG. Captain Fred Cain is back on France 2 in a new season! While Carsenti's accidental death is still weighing on everybody's mind, Cain, Lucie, Borel and Moretti set to work on new cases. But the atmosphere is tense, with Lucie accusing Borel of meddling in her private affairs. Teamwork is being tested, and investigations may be compromised. Will they be able to get over their grievances, and solve some crimes?

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Compositeur Arno Alyvan